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High-Capacity Ball Screws Unleash Full Potential of Electric Molders

A leader in ball-screw design explains how high-capacity ball screws for high-load drives broaden applications of electric injection molding machines.

July 13, 2022

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NSK ball screw report
Image courtesy of NSK

Compared with conventional hydraulic injection molding machines, electric presses have several advantages — accelerated start-up and cycle times, improved part consistency and quality, less scrap, and fewer consumables — but they have been limited to smaller parts because of restricted loads and clamping forces. A report from NSK, available as a free download from PlasticsToday, explains how high-capacity ball screws for high-load drives can enable large-part molding and broaden applications in electric injection molding machines.

A global leader in ball screw design, engineering, and manufacturing, NSK details in this report how innovations in ball circulation, ball load distribution, groove geometry, and seal and retainer technology enable the molding of larger parts, improve performance, and lower total cost.

Download this free report here.

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