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LS Mtron upgrades hydraulic injection machine series

Article-LS Mtron upgrades hydraulic injection machine series

LS Mtron upgrades hydraulic injection machine series
New two-platen machines employ digital position sensors, eliminate platen guide bars, and handle larger tools.

South Korea’s LS Mtron was another injection machine builder at the recent Koplas show to present processing equipment in a new livery and with a new brand: the ONE. Like other recent offerings from Asia, the two-platen series features a retractable tie-bar and LS Mtron has also done away with the guide bars employed in previous machines as well.

LS Mtron’s research team introduce the ONE series high-performance injection molding machines at Koplas.

The machines will enter serial production in June this year, initially in tonnages of 900, 1300, and 1800 tonnes. “We plan to add four or five more machines to the series,” says Sung Chui Yoo, Principal Research Engineer at LS Mtron’s R&D Center. “These will include 500 and 3200 tonnes presses.”

The series also features quick change barrels, servo-hydraulic pumps, and controllers from Keba. They can also handle larger molds. “Whereas before a 1300-tonne injection machine could support a tool weighing around 19 tonnes, the ONE series version can handle a tool weighing 32 tonnes,” says Sung.

Machines in the ONE series use digital position sensors in place of analog ones for mold open-close capable of controlling movement to a precision of +0.2 mm. System pressure has also been boosted to 210 bar from the previous 180 bar, resulting in a 30% dry cycle time saving for the 1300-tonne press, which dry cycles at 4.4 s.

The One series machines will be marketed as LS Mtron’s high-performance series of hydraulic machines. The existing WIZ series will continue to be offered.

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