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Modular injection unit creates hybrid machines

August 23, 2008

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Modular injection unit creates hybrid machines

By using a-c servomotors instead of belt propulsion to drive fixed-displacement pumps, the new FluiDrive injection unit promises users the benefits of all-electric performance on larger hydraulic machines. The FluiDrive is an optional feature on Sandretto?s Mega T and H Models and creates hybrid presses that operate like all-electrics while using the fluid drive-train system of a hydraulic. Sandretto says machines equipped with the ES injection unit as part of the FluiDrive system offer the usual benefits molders have come to expect from all-electrics, including precise control, better energy efficiency, and cleaner running. In addition, the FluiDrive reportedly allows overlap of screw and mold operations without reducing screw rotation speed. The system reportedly has fewer components?meaning less wear?and has reduced cooling requirements compared to fully hydraulic systems.

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