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Mold design software debuts

August 23, 2008

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Mold design software debuts

Moldflow Corp. recently announced the release of Mold Adviser, a new addition to its Plastics Advisers series of software products. The new package offers 3-D-solids-based simulation and optimization for mold design and building.

Integrated with leading CAD programs, Mold Adviser is easy to learn and use, according to Peter Rucinski, product line manager. It allows molders and moldmakers to create and analyze sprues, runners, and gates for both hot and cold runner systems in single, multi-cavity, or family mold layouts. The software also predicts estimated cycle time, clamp tonnage, and shot size. Results can be used to assist in sizing molding presses for a given mold, balancing runner systems, minimizing cycle times, and reducing scrap.

Designed to be used in the early stages of mold design, the program can help molders and moldmakers quote tooling projects and size mold bases. ?Mold Adviser gives mold designers a tool for communicating with customers by providing an evaluation of tooling and part design,? Rucinski says.

Analysis results include confidence of fill, as well as temperature and pressure plots that help spot excessive drops through the runner system and highlight other possible problems, such as weld lines and air traps. Geometry creation tools are built inside of the program. Mold designers can?t modify part geometry but can work on sprues, runners, and gates.

As for accuracy, Rucinski reports Mold Adviser has been through heavy testing internally and externally at beta customer sites. ?Its fundamental solver technology is shared with Part Adviser, so the same accuracy applies,? he explains. ?But the best proof is in our customer base.?

Rucinski refers to one such example at AMP. The company recently bought 60 seats of Part Adviser and is a heavy user of Moldflow Dynamic Series.

Pricing information was not available at the time of publication.

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