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March 1, 2000

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Small, Simple Mold Bases Allow For Same-Day Shipment, Significant CostSavings

Small, Simple Mold Bases Allow For Same-Day Shipment, SignificantCost Savings

pn16-300.jpgD-M-E has introduced MoldBasics, a line of small, simple mold bases that can be shipped the day of order. The company says units in the line are up to 40% cheaper than traditional mold bases.

D-M-E provides stocking inventories on 26 nominal sizes of mold bases from 0808 to 1623, each available in D-M-E #1 or D-M-E #2 steel with multiple options on plate thickness. D-M-E #1 is a silicon-killed forging quality (SAE 1030) steel and is said to provide 25% greater tensile strength than typical low-carbon warehouse steel and to machine with a fast, smooth cut. D-M-E #2 is an AISI 4130-type steel pre-heated to 269-1 Bhn (28 to 34 Rc).

Standard elements include type 'A' clamp slot, square milled 'A' and 'B' plates with surface-ground parting line, chamfered plate edges, clearly marked offset corners and three-piece ejector housing. Bases come pre-machined for locating ring and screws. A new return pin configuration is said to prevent spring pocket breakout.

The mold bases are produced under license by Polimold of Brazil and meet D-M-E's quality standards.

D-M-E Co.
Madison Heights, MI 

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