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Steinl injection unit can slash cycles on Engel elast machines

Injection molding system supplier Engel announced that its elast molding systems, available in horizontal or vertical configurations, now can be optionally delivered with an EF-E injection unit from German elastomer machine builder, LWB Steinl. The big benefit is a heating time reduction of up to 50%, especially with hot runner mold, and improved ergonomics.

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Steinl injection unit can slash cycles on Engel elast machines

The Steinl EF-E injection unit is a two-stage system. First is a horizontal FIFO injection system mounted above the pressure platen, and second is an All-Out piston injection unit mounted vertically in front of the horizontal unit. There is a rapid cure element between the horizontal unit and the vertical piston injection unit that increases the temperature of the elastomer melt by dissipation.

Engel says this creates a more homogeneous temperature throughout the molten material, increasing the temperature in the center of the flow, rather than only at the edges. The patented Steinl All-Out technology of the vertical plunger lives up to its name, ejecting all the molten material into the mold. Injection and holding pressures can be up to 2500 bars (36,000 psi).

Therefore, the melt is injected into the mold at a higher temperature than what has been the norm, and because the material already is at high temperature, the vulcanization period is substantially reduced-up to 50% in combination with hot runner molds. No compound remains in the piston cylinder.

To see an animation of how this injection unit works, click here.

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