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US-Made Plastic-Pallet Injection Molding Machine Priced to Compete with Asian Models

The Lumina Pallateer Model PM-1C from Wilmington Machinery accepts 100% recycled plastics even in flake form, enabling the production of low-cost plastic pallets.

Clare Goldsberry

September 14, 2020

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Wilmington PM-1C Pallateer injection machine

A new low-pressure plastic-pallet injection molding machine from Wilmington Machinery accepts 100% recycled plastics even in flake form. That enables the production of low-cost plastic pallets, noted the company.

The Lumina Pallateer Model PM-1C comes standard with a 350-ton press capable of molding pallets up to 48 x 52 inches in size and weighing up to 40 pounds. Its HDPE melting capacity of 1200 pounds per hour is sufficient to produce 30 pallets per hour. Hot runner molds, robots, and other accessories are available from Wilmington.

The PM-1C boasts a small footprint, low energy consumption, and high-quality construction. It has a two-stage injection unit — extruder/accumulator — furnished with bimetallic barrels and long-life feed screws. The hybrid machine is controlled by a Beckhoff PLC and actuated by Rexroth hydraulic components. A classic structural foam multi-nozzle injection manifold is an available option.

The compact pallet injection molding machine features low energy consumption and high-quality construction. Image courtesy Wilmington Machinery.

Believed to be the lowest cost US-made machine of its type, the PM-1C is priced to compete with Asian-built injection machines of comparable capacity. It more than competes with such machines from a pallet-cost standpoint and produces an excellent ROI for both contract and captive molders, said Wilmington’s information.

The new Lumina Palleteer PM-1C joins the Wilmington lineup of horizontal and vertical machines with press capacities to 2500 tons, injection capacities to 300 pounds, and melting capacities to 6,600 pounds per hour.

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