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Vision systems cater to mold, part inspection

August 23, 2008

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Vision systems cater to mold, part inspection

Two new vision systems, the Checkpoint III and IV, are designed to operate via a host PC or as stand-alone systems. Used during the molding process to ensure clean part ejection and prevent tool damage, or afterwards to check critical measurements of molded parts, the Checkpoint units are designed for multicamera guidance, gauging, and defect inspection applications. The Checkpoint III is a PC-based vision system that takes advantage of the latest in host processing speeds; the Checkpoint IV is a self-contained vision solution that can be plugged into virtually any manufacturing scenario, reports the manufacturer. Both systems come with MMX-optimized vision software and a Windows-based graphical programming environment that?s designed to allow users to port applications between Checkpoint systems. The Checkpoint III can be purchased for $11,000 and Checkpoint IV is $13,500.

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