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Lead-free LCP for SMT, connectors

Ticona (Florence, KY) recently introduced a new grade of Vectra liquid crystal polymer (LCP) that extends the operating temperature and flow rates of its LCP resins for use in connector and lead-free, surface-mount applications. Dubbed LCP S135, the new grade has a distortion temperature under load (DTUL) of 335°C (635°F), improved weld-line strength, and a reduced viscosity that allows it to fill walls as thin as .2 mm (.008 inch).

Vectra LCP S135 is targeted at surface-mount applications, especially those that must meet RoHS lead-free solder directives, for DIMM, DDR, and fine-pitch connectors. Its polymer structure is said to allow S135 to achieve a high DTUL, yet process stably at temperatures significantly lower than other high-DTUL LCPs.

Vectra S135 can also be molded at tool temperatures below 93°C (200°F), which allows for molds cooled by water rather than oil and for rapid cycle times. All S Series compounds also have extremely low outgassing levels, according to Ticona, which minimizes the possibility of blinding lenses in optoelectronic devices and improves contact life in miniature sealed relays.

?We developed Vectra S135 to meet our customers? needs for ultrahigh heat resistance, thinner walls, and faster cycle time,? says Edward Hallahan, global product manager, Vectra LCP.


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