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The two parties have entered into a patent license agreement regarding the sale and use of lithium-ion battery additives.

March 18, 2022

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Ascend Performance Materials announced yesterday that it has reached an agreement with Samsung SDI to end its ongoing global patent invalidation proceedings and enter into a patent license agreement regarding the sale and use of lithium-ion battery additives. Such additives include 1,3,6-hexanetricarbonitrile (HTCN), which is manufactured and sold by Ascend as Trinohex Ultra.

A non-hazardous nitrile, Trinohex Ultra is used to improve battery life, safety, and overall performance across cathode chemistries and voltages, even in extreme conditions, said Ascend. The Houston-based company produces high-performance polymers, fibers, and specialty chemicals used in automotive, electrical and electronic, consumer, and industrial products globally.

The agreement follows a final written decision in August 2021 by the US Patent Trial and Appeal Board, which held that all of the challenged claims by Samsung SDI were invalid for multiple reasons.

The board’s decision broadly enables manufacturers to use Trinohex Ultra in the United States for their lithium-ion battery electrolyte formulations. Ascend also was successful in invalidating Samsung’s “overly broad and restrictive patent” in China. At the time, Ascend said that actions were pending in other jurisdictions.

As part of this week’s agreement, Samsung SDI retains its US patent no. 9,819,057, continues to hold patents in any remaining jurisdictions, and grants Ascend a non-exclusive license under these patents.

The specific terms and conditions of the agreement were not disclosed.

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