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Liquid colorants can take the heat

August 23, 2008

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Liquid colorants can take the heat

The trick, according to PolyOne?s John Van Hulle, VP and GM for North American color, was to switch the carrier in its line of liquid colorants from the oil- or surfactant-based versions to a polymer carrier. ?This new technology offers thermal stability and processability that were previously unattainable. As a result, our customers are now able to use liquid colorants in new applications instead of precolored resins or pelletized colorant masterbatches.?

The new patent-pending PicoTint Liquid Colorants from PolyOne (Avon Lake, OH) are said to be ideal for use with a wide range of clear thermoplastic engineering resins such as PC, PMMA, SAN, clear ABS, glycol-modified PET, and terpolymers.

Company sources say that PicoTint colorants are both heat and light stable, weather well, and have an extended shelf life of at least one year. ?These colorants have superior pigment and dye dispersion, which resists streaks and swirls,? says Van Hulle. ?They also have excellent clarity and do not affect the physical properties of the clear engineering resin.?

Processors and compounders can use PicoTint colorants in injection molding processes in low letdown ratios of .25% or less. They are well-suited to applications where clear, bright color is needed, including automotive applications such as taillights, turn signals, and headlights; durable housewares and appliance applications; electronics; office applications such as furniture; and point-of-purchase displays.?MM

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