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New robot options for material handling, palletizing

A high-speed, shelf-mounted robot for material handling provides flexibility and superior performance in high-payload material handling applications, while a four-axis palletizing robot has fast axial speeds and acceleration, which reduces cycle times and increases production output.

IMM Staff

May 17, 2010

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New robot options for material handling, palletizing

Both new offerings are from Motoman (Waukegan IL). The Motoman UP400RD material handling and part transfer robot boasts a maximum payload of 400 kg, and can work in tight spaces and service multiple processes. Key performance parameters are 3518-mm horizontal reach, 4908-mm vertical reach and ±0.5 mm repeatability. Optional MotoSim EG-VRC off-line programming software with virtual robot control simplifies programming and simulation.

The Motoman MPL100 palletizing robot, meanwhile, boasts a payload of 100 kg, and an extensive 3024-mm  vertical reach providing for palletizing loads up to 2743-mm high on a 1066-mm pallet, or up to 2667-mm high on a 1219-mm pallet. Repeatability of ±0.5 mm is also delivered. The robot can service multiple infeed conveyors and up to four pallet-build locations. —[email protected]

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