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Product News - Stainless Steel Receiver Handles Abrasive Materials

December 1, 1998

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Product News - Stainless Steel Receiver Handles Abrasive Materials

Stainless Steel Receiver Handles Abrasive Materials

pn8-1298.jpgModel 2422 stainless steel receiver with a standard electroplated finish has been redesigned with 'quick-release' latches that provide access to the discharge gate, hopper and filter bags for cleaning.

In addition, a range of construction materials and finishes are now available. For example, in an application that requires stainless steel but not an electroplated finish, a bead-blasted finish can be specified to provide a lower-cost alternative. Epoxy-coated carbon steel is also available. Prices start at $5683.

The unit is designed to handle materials ranging from free-flowing pellets to difficult-to-discharge fine powders, including abrasive additives, fillers and compounds.

It offers a large filtration area, steep-sided (77-deg) hopper and powered discharge gate to facilitate the flow of material. The discharge gate is designed to ensure flow when material is not heavy enough to open the gate by gravity.

The standard electroplated finish complies with cleanroom and sanitary applications and has interior welds that are ground smooth. A center entry with baffles also reduces hopper wear that can result from conveying abrasive materials.

Cloth filter bags constructed of 12-oz PTFE membrane-coated fabric (or 12-oz polypropylene felt) receive compressed air pulses after each delivery cycle to keep them clean. This filtration system allows the unit to separate very fine powders from the conveying air stream.

Premier Pneumatics, Inc.
Salina, KS

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