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The radiolucent PEEK is overmolded on the titanium core of the Creed Cannulated Screw System for foot and ankle surgery.

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Creed Cannulated Screw System
Image: Solvay

Solvay announced recently that its Zeniva polyetheretherketone (PEEK) resin was chosen by Carbon22 for its new Creed Cannulated Screw System for foot and ankle surgery.

To create the new system’s ortho-lucent, plastic-metal hybrid composite, Solvay’s implant-grade radiolucent Zeniva PEEK resin is overmolded onto a titanium core prior to final processing. This allows the screw to be seen with X-ray or computed tomography (CT) scanning while enabling the surgeon to accurately assess anatomical details near and behind the implant site without visual distortion or artifacts, said Solvay. 

Creed Cannulated screws are produced using unique manufacturing technology from Carbon22 that helps control costs by reducing material waste. Traditional titanium screws generate significant and expensive scrap during machining. Additionally, the Carbon22 hybrid enables a more-aggressive cutting tip that cannot be realized with all-PEEK screw designs.

“We worked closely with Carbon22 to achieve strong adhesion to titanium, which is not an inherent property of PEEK,” said Anna Maria Bertasa, Healthcare Global Marketing Manager for Solvay Specialty Polymers. “Solvay’s broad, deep technical expertise and advanced material technologies enabled us to help create the innovative Creed system. We welcome new challenges that address the unique individual needs of our customers to give them a competitive advantage and help them succeed,” said Bertasa.

While all-titanium screws are opaque to X-rays, and imaging of all-PEEK screws is affected by their diameter, the Creed hybrid composite screws allow X-rays to pass through to the bone. They generate an outline that greatly enhances visualization of bony structures. Surgeons can use this capability to confirm screw placement during surgical procedures, check positioning post-operatively, and determine the status of the healing process at follow-up appointments. The ability to image screw placement gives surgeons greater confidence and can help them achieve better patient outcomes. 

Carbon22 added that it continues to collaborate with Solvay on new projects that promise to further drive development of next-generation orthopedic devices.

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