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Formula for a medical ABS

August 23, 2008

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Formula for a medical ABS

One of the biggest concerns when selecting a material for medical applications is its longevity?how long it will be produced and how long its formula will stay the same. The reason is that FDA approval is based on that material, and if it changes, OEMs must have their products recertified, interrupting operations.

So when BASF (Florham Park, NJ) recently introduced its Terluran HD-15, a medical IM grade of ABS, it also guaranteed that customers will be notified 24 months in advance of any changes in the product?s formula.

The new material also boasts better chemical resistance than conventional ABS and an MFR of 15 ml/10 min. Toughness and stiffness properties are also above average. End-use applications include inhaler housings. The new material conforms to Drug Master File (U.S.) and European Pharmacopoeia standards.?MM

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