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Honeywell’s Aclar Edge Packaging Has All of the Advantages of Glass, and Then Some

Image: Honeywell pharmaceutical bottle made from Aclar Edge
The material features glass-like moisture-barrier performance in addition to impact resistance and a 75% weight reduction in pharmaceutical bottles and vials.

As product slogans go, “the next evolution of glass isn’t glass” is pretty good, if you ask me. That’s how Honeywell is marketing its line of Aclar Edge packaging, technology that provides an ultra-high moisture barrier without the limitations of glass.

At the core of the technology is polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE), a fluoropolymer with a set of properties that have made it popular in aerospace applications. Honeywell extrusion blow molds PCTFE into a multi-layer structure suitable for manufacturing bottles and vials that contain pharmaceutical liquids, vaccines and biologics, pediatric formulations, and animal health products. Labware and custom applications in different shapes, sizes, and colors are also offered.

“Aclar Edge bottles and vials provide a moisture-barrier performance that is comparable with glass and an enhanced oxygen barrier compared to other polymeric containers,” explained Kori Anderson, General Manager of Healthcare Packaging at Honeywell. “In addition, Aclar Edge offers impact resistance and up to 75% weight reduction versus glass. Aclar Edge offers significant operational advantages by eliminating glass breakage, minimizing drug particulate contamination, and reducing transportation cost,” she told PlasticsToday.

Aclar Edge bottles and vials do not contain modifiers, additives, particulates, mold release agents, or pesticides that may contribute to extractables or leachables, said Honeywell.

First introduced in the form of preproduction samples in June 2020, Aclar Edge bottles and vials are now commercially available in sizes ranging from 100 to 500 ml with a threaded or crimped finish.

Free samples for testing can be requested.

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