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A supplier of peelable FEP heat-shrink tubing and PTFE liners to medical device OEMs, Junkosha aims to increase output at its medical manufacturing plant by a factor of three.

Norbert Sparrow

September 14, 2022

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Fluoropolymer product supplier Junkosha has drafted a Customer Charter and announced a major investment in its  medical device manufacturing plant in Kasama, Japan, to help ease market disruption.

In the medical sector, Junkosha supplies peelable FEP heat-shrink tubing and PTFE liners, which have experienced a global shortage, according to the company. To remedy the situation, Junkosha is pursuing a multi-source supply-chain model and aiming to increase output at its medical manufacturing plant by a factor of three within the next two years.

“We have taken significant steps to meet the capacity needs that have caused uncertainty for our medical customers worldwide by rapidly accelerating planned investments,” said Kazu Arai, Director of Operations, in a prepared statement. “Our commitment to supporting the supply of fluoropolymer components to this vital sector remains absolute. We recognize that a new multi-sourced supplier base is the inevitable future for our industry, and we will contribute to this in any way we can. We believe that providing transparency will enable device manufacturers to make informed decisions regarding inventory management,” added Arai.

While much of the turbulence affecting the global supply chain is beyond the control of individual companies, Junkosha is determined to meet the challenge as best it can to support its customers, and the new charter articulates that, said Joe Rowan, President and CEO of Junkosha USA. “As an industry, we are facing challenging times with extended lead times occurring across the global supply chain. Junkosha’s charter provides our customers with a blueprint for what they can expect from our teams. It also outlines a framework from which our teams can act quickly while exercising judgement that is consistent with our brand values,” said Rowan.

The three pillars of the Customer Charter are being responsive, delivering first-class service and expertise, and enabling customers to take their technology to the next level.

The overarching aspiration for the 68-year-old company is “to be the best long-term partner by working alongside our customers to fulfill their unmet needs.”

Junkosha develops and supplies fluoropolymer-based parts and assemblies for a range of sectors. The company is headquartered in Japan, where it has three facilities. It also operates offices and facilities in Irvine, CA; Suzhou, China; and Cheltenham, UK.

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