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With the acquisition of Technolution, MGS said it is building a seamless, vertically integrated solution from design ideation to final product delivery for the medical device and pharma industries.

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June 7, 2023

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Technolution and MGS Mfg. Group team members
Team members celebrate the acquisition of Denmark-based Technolution by MGS Mfg. Group.Image courtesy of MGS

Consistently molding a plastic part to exacting specifications and quality standards is only half the battle when you are a supplier to medical device OEMs. Regulatory and compliance issues also must be dealt with, and MGS Mfg. Group Inc. has added that expertise to its portfolio — and then some — with the acquisition yesterday of Technolution A/S.

Denmark-based Technolution is described as a fast-growing consultancy and development company within the pharma and medtech sectors. The acquisition provides MGS, which fabricates precision plastic components from 16 global facilities, with a position unique in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries’ value chain, according to the company — a seamless, vertically integrated solution from initial design ideation to final product delivery.

The acquisition brings together Technolution’s proven expertise in R&D, regulatory compliance, quality, and project management with MGS’ proven expertise in tooling, molding, and automation for drug-delivery devices, diagnostic products, and more. By combining forces, Technolution and MGS mitigate project risks for their clients, and create an approach that streamlines the supply chain and accelerates time-to-market, said the news release.

“Extending our offerings into the early stages of product development takes us to the next level of medical contract manufacturing,” said MGS CEO Paul Manley. “And like Technolution, we achieve our goals with the most important factor — our employees — and nurture a culture of pioneering spirit, enthusiasm and a will to succeed.”

For Technolution CEO Thomas Bach Agerslev, the partnership opens new prospects for the company and its stakeholders. “Having multiple providers is inefficient and costly for pharma and medtech companies. That’s why they increasingly demand end-to-end solutions from a single supplier such as Technolution and MGS. For customers, this means a more integrated process, smoother collaboration through all phases, and, as a result, faster time-to-market.”

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