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Trends That Could Define Medtech’s Success in 2023

Healthcare changes are creating opportunities and challenges for medical technology companies, potentially resulting in a new normal for what success in the industry will look like in 2023.

Lisette Hilton, Reporter and President

December 23, 2022

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It's once again the time of year when we ask medtech experts to peer into their crystal balls and offer their best predictions for the new year. This year, MD+DI checked in with the following medtech thought leaders to learn what 2023 has in store for the industry: Mike Monovoukas of AcuityMD; Glenn H. Snyder of Deloitte; and Jaime Wong of Intuitive Surgical.

To look back at the predictions medtech experts made this time last year, click here. Did we hit the mark for 2022?


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Lisette Hilton

Reporter and President, Words Come Alive

Lisette Hilton loves covering medicine, health, wellness and fitness, and has been a reporter following her passion for more than 25 years.

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