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Validates dimensions of medical tubing

December 15, 2008

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Validates dimensions of medical tubing

Conair's Medline puller/cutter helps medical tubing processors better validate control.

Processors of small-diameter plastic medical tubing now can automatically set, control and validate the gap between puller belts on the MedLine puller/cutter from Conair Extrusion. A small servomotor, in-line planetary-gear reducer and digital controller replace the conventional manual adjustment wheel used to establish and maintain the gap between the belts, and the consequent pressure on the tubing. This new control communicates with an in-line laser gauge, which sends a real-time serial signal of the actual outside diameter of the tube. Once set with the push of a button, the puller gap will automatically follow the actual tube size, eliminating the chance of operator error and giving processors. This added level of automation helps eliminate operator error and, for the first time, allows medical extruders to validate control over this critical process variable. In these new puller/cutters, the crush depth (how much the tubing is compressed between the belts) is entered digitally and controlled automatically. During start up, the system adjusts as necessary as the line speeds up. Proper access codes are required to change settings. The cutter portion of the unit also features a standard positional servo drive system, which provides cut response repeatability within ±0.1 millisecond. The cutter blade descends from above so cut tubing can be fed easily to discharge conveyers. Conair Group Inc., Cranberry Township, PA, U.S.A.; +1 800-654-6661; [email protected]; www.conairnet.com.

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