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A molder?s molding solution for ETP semiconductor packaging

August 23, 2008

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A molder?s molding solution for ETP semiconductor packaging

Multinational custom molder Meiho Technology has introduced a first-of-its-kind system that may very well change the way semiconductors are manufactured worldwide. Working in collaboration with Toshiba Corp. for the past 15 years, Meiho developed a self-contained, servodriven molding system that successfully packages integrated circuits in thermoplastic PPS, rather than in thermoset epoxy. Cycle times for epoxy semiconductor molding typically range anywhere from 2 minutes to 5.5 minutes. Meiho?s system runs 20- to 30-second cycles with runnerless tooling.

Even if runners were used, they would be recyclable like the molded packages, since they are also thermoplastic. Also, packaging integrated circuits in epoxy can be a messy process, environmentally speaking. Meiho?s all-in-one all-electric system is fully enclosed. There is no materials discharge. And it is cleanroom clean, energy efficient, and quiet. What?s more, the proprietary PPS material that has been developed for the process provides better electrical properties than epoxy, according to Meiho. It also exhibits excellent thermal characteristics in the molded packages, plus stress-relieving low flex and shrinkage.

The Meiho Injection Packaging System (MIPS) has been the exclusive property of Toshiba?s semiconductor manufacturing division for the past couple of years, but that contractual agreement has expired. Meiho now offers the system for sale and manufactures it at one of its plants in Japan. MIPS can be used in other applications, like precision insert molded electronics parts. Systems are equipped with a number of advanced features, such as touch-screen computer controls, fully enclosed loading and unloading mechanisms, and multiple injection nozzles for balanced moldfilling. Available in 5-, 30-, and 50-ton models, a 30-ton MIPS-30 sells for $200,000.

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