FOAMplus 5504RC packaging material Image: Storopack

FOAMplus First Polyurethane Foam with Renewable Content

The lightweight protective packaging product from Storopack satisfies the most rigorous cushioning demands.

Protective packaging specialist Storopack recently introduced FOAMplus 5504RC, the first polyurethane foam with renewable content. Weighing just 0.30 pounds per cubic foot, the sustainable foam consists partly of sugar-based material obtained from renewable sources and will satisfy the most rigorous cushioning demands, said Storopack.

When the two liquid components are mixed together, FOAMplus expands up to 20 times its liquid volume. As the (H)CFC-  and HFC-free polyurethane foam expands and hardens, it takes on the shape of the packaged goods, thus making it ideal for cushioning, void filling, and shock absorption. The high compression strength of the foam reliably protects mechanical and electronic parts as well as parts for the automotive industry.

The foam pads can be reused multiple times. The extremely lightweight packaging solution reduces shipping weight and can replace oil-based foams, as it has similar material properties and can be further processed into high-quality protective packaging.

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