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New 30-ml PET bottle added to Variblend's custom-blending, dual-dispensing range

VariBlend (Greenville, SC), a global manufacturer of custom-blending, dual-dispensing technology, just announced the addition of a new 30-ml PET bottle designed for on-the-go beauty and healthcare products, in particular those in the $121 billion global skincare market.

VariblendThe bottle, made by Sonoco (Hartsville, SC), integrates seamlessly with the VariBlend 40-ml dispenser and incorporates a new, secure-locking design for optimal product integrity, which can appeal to packaging where there is no wrap-around label. The company also offers a non-airless 50-ml DHPE and 20-ml airless container with its 40-ml dispenser.

"Our new 30-ml bottle is a key addition to the range, given the tremendous worldwide potential in market segments such as skincare," said Robert Brands, President and CEO. According to, the global skincare market for 2015 is projected to rise to $147 billion in 2020.

The growing appeal of Variblend's patented custom-blending technology derives from its six-position, custom-blending dispenser design. The company's proven technology holds tremendous appeal for brand owners in a variety of "regimen-based" product categories that deliver a different multi-element formula over time. Such categories include skincare, sunless tanning, hair care or whenever a product requires ingredient separation or needs precise mixing and blending at the moment of application.

From the brand owner perspective, Brands commented, "We see more demand for advanced, technical dispensing solutions, as regimen-based products gain in popularity and formulas become more complex with advanced ingredients. Because consumers love our custom-blending feature for its accuracy, ease-of-use and reliability, we can deliver packaging that builds brands and delivers exceptional return on investment for our customers."

Sonoco, supplier of the 30-ml PET bottle, is a multi-billion dollar global provider of innovative consumer packaging solutions. With more than 335 operations in 33 countries, Sonoco serves customers in 85 countries around the world.

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