Pretium Packaging Investing $5 Million in 6 Plants

The company's investment in PET stretch blowmolding equipment supports organic growth, redundancy, and hot-fill capabilities.

Pretium Packaging, Chesterfield, MO, a major North American manufacturer of plastic containers and closures, has made a $5 million investment in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) stretch blow molding equipment and infrastructure that spans across 6 of its 19 manufacturing locations.

“This expansion effort provides a comprehensive approach to supporting our existing and new PET customers,” said Kris Nielsen, senior vice president of operations. “We’re adding capacity, stronger redundancy and volume-balancing capabilities, as well as support for the latest PET product innovations, like our hot-fill containers. We’re strategically placing new PET machines in the west, central and east regions of the United States, as a means of providing the most flexible customer delivery solution. This effort also reinforces key tenants to our overall growth strategy, which involves expanding our PET footprint and positioning ourselves geographically close to our customers.”

This new equipment will provide Pretium with an additional 100 million bottle capacity and the capability of producing containers ranging in size from 6.5 ounce to 11.6 L. Pretium expects the project to be completed by October 2020.

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