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The injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) equipment is new to the United States and exclusive to Priority Plastics.

Clare Goldsberry

October 20, 2020

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blow-molded plastic containers
Image: Priority Plastics

Priority Plastics announced the acquisition and installation of new injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) equipment at its Portland, IN, manufacturing facility. This patented single-stage technology, which is new to the United States and exclusive to Priority Plastics, significantly increases PET container capacity and allows the company to offer unique container shapes and sizes.

Containers ranging in size from 1 to 25 gallons and in a variety of neck shapes can be produced. The new ISBM machinery can accommodate a diverse array of consumer packaging products with speed, accuracy, and environmentally sensitive efficiency, said Priority Plastics.

Priority Plastics offers several unique product options, including:

  • 25-gallon PET drums that weigh 30 to 50% less than HDPE and metal drums;

  • bigger necks, rectangles, and wider container openings;

  • stackable bottles;

  • custom coloration;

  • integrated handles with the same functionality as typical HDPE bottles used for milk, juices, oil, and so forth;

  • the ability to customize molds for packaging that meets and exceeds branding objectives.

“This expansion is an investment in the future growth of Priority Plastics and is consistent with the company’s corporate values that include the principles of quality, timeliness, relationships, and sustainability,” said D. Scott Dowrey, President. “It is a tangible measure of commitment to growing our PriorityONE partnership program, and expands the US manufacturing footprint here in the Portland, Indiana, area.”

PriorityONE is the company’s partnering initiative that dedicates production capacity and co-locates facilities for top-tier packaging customers, the company explained.

PET is 100% recyclable and reusable, and is now made using a lower carbon footprint per bottle. The company’s patented technology saves up to 40% in electricity and is equipped with an air regeneration system designed to recover approximately two-thirds of the high-pressure blowing air.

In addition to the company’s Portland facility, Priority Plastics operates plants in Mesa, AZ; Grinnell, IA; and Arvada, CO.

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