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BW Container Systems’(Romeoville, IL) Robotic Full Bottle Pick & Place System in Kuka Booth #C-5208 has a Kuka KR16 robot equipped with a Joulin end of arm vacuum assembly that will select filled bottles from the AdaptA MB system and place them on a tray. This technology can be used for case packing, large container bulk palletizing or removal of select containers for inspection. The MB is a safe place for work in process when the downstream equipment stops or changes speed and is an ideal machine de-coupler for your production line.

Kari Embree

August 19, 2015

1 Min Read
Sneak peak: Pack Expo Las Vegas showstoppers: BW Container

If you stop by, you will see a simlulation of an operation that requires the robot to pick containers from the line and place them on a tray. During this operation the buffer will retract, providing a steady flow of bottles to the robotic pick and place cell. As bottles are returned to the production line, the AdaptA MB will expand to accumulate bottles until the downstream cell is ready again to pick bottles from the line. The system can be designed to handle many types and sizes as well as combinations of products within cases allowing for mixed or “rainbow” packages.

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