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Trexel Partners with W. Muller to Apply MuCell Foaming Tech to EBM Containers

Foaming solutions for extrusion blow molded (EBM) containers can be implemented with minimal machine modifications, said Trexel.

April 4, 2023

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extrusion blow molded bottle using MuCell technology
Image courtesy of Trexel

Trexel has entered into a partnership with Germany’s W. Müller GmbH to supply a physical foaming solution for multi-layer, extrusion blow molded (EBM) containers. Trexel, based in Wilmington, MA, will provide customers with the physical foaming equipment and expertise, while W. Müller will supply the multi-layer EBM equipment and expertise. W. Müller has plants in Troisdorf-Spich, Germany, and Agawam, MA.

Growing demand for the use of post-consumer content, surcharges on virgin resin, and global legislative policy proposals are being enforced to create a more circular economy. Trexel led the development of the MuCell microcellular foaming injection and blow molding technology, and it has been developing solutions to reduce overall plastic consumption and minimize the cost increase associated with PCR content requirements. Density reduction afforded by the MuCell process, combined with design for functionality, can result in material and weight savings of more than 20%, according to Trexel. It has also found a unique way to maintain the impact, environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR), and top-load properties of the bottle so it can function in the same way as a solid one. 

W. Müller supplies essential equipment for blow molding machinery, which include parison heads, extruders, and controls, since its founding in 1976.

“Trexel offers unparalleled expertise in controlling the introduction of supercritical nitrogen or CO2 for use in microcellular foaming applications,” said Levi Kishbaugh, president and CEO of Trexel. “Our foaming solutions for EBM containers can be implemented with minimal machine modifications and without license fees.  As sustainability has taken center stage in plastics manufacturing, this technology complements the incorporation of PCR as a core layer in a multi-layer bottle and serves to meet brand sustainability goals.”

The Trexel/Muller partnership allows for trials to be conducted in technical centers located in North America and Europe, equipped with the latest machinery and advanced engineering support. The foaming technology can easily be retrofitted to an existing screw and barrel, said Trexel.

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