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Plastics imports on the rise in U.S.

Article-Plastics imports on the rise in U.S.

What are U.S. companies importing? A lot more plastic products, for one thing. That's made clear in a report released earlier his month which analyzed recent import trends for 29 major U.S. industry groups.

The report, "2010 U.S. Import Review", was prepared by Zepol Corp. (Mineapolis, MN), a supplier of trade data and analysis. This report provides detailed information on 3-digit NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes and compares import trends to previous years as well as sheds light upon potential future developments. You can request a copy of the imports report.

For all 3-digit NAICS codes, the average increase in U.S. import value from 2010 over last year is 23%. No plastics processor will be surprised to read that China supplies the most imports to the U.S. with $264 billion exported from January to September 2010, a 24% increase over 2009.

For each 3-digit NAICS code, the review lists the top exporting countries to the United States, the top U.S. ports, duty information, value trends for the previous two years, and transportation methods used to bring the imported goods to the U.S.

Much of the plastics activity is contained in NAICS covering imports of electronics, toys and other products. The code for "Other plastic products" showed imports growing from $8.68 billion to $10.44 billion, a jump of more than 20%. For NAICS 326, Plastics and Rubber Products, China accounted for 30.4% of the 2010 total (for Jan.-Sep., the period covered by the report), with Canada second at 19.9%, followed by Mexico (8.2%), Japan (7.8%) and South Korea (5.7%). The 326 code, however, includes radial tires, which were the top-imported item in the category. "Plastics tableware and kitchenware" was second followed by "household articles," which can cover a pretty broad class of products.

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