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Abrasive particles for cleaning and texturingAbrasive particles for cleaning and texturing

August 23, 2008

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Abrasive particles for cleaning and texturing

A new tool for mold manufacturing and maintenance uses micro-abrasive blasters for texturing surfaces and cleaning components. Comco?s (Burbank, CA) micro-abrasive blasting process propels micron-sized particles of high-grade abrasives out of a small nozzle tip at high velocity to clean, cut, deburr, and texture a variety of surfaces. The process is also effective in removing EDM residue, laser slag, and pulse marks from tool steel. Other maintenance applications include cleaning hot runner nozzles and other delicate mold components and restoring surface finishes on complex mold cavities without causing dimensional changes to mold geometries. Sample parts testing is available through Comco?s applications lab, where engineers evaluate parts tested with different abrasive media under various conditions to determine the best process.?KD

Comco Inc.

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