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May 1, 2000

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Booth N-5350

npe6.jpgWhat's Hot! AGR's CVIS Conveyor Vision Inspection System (Dec '99 PA, p 13) is a stand-alone 'machine vision' device designed to inspect plastic containers as they exit the blow molder on a flat top conveying system. The CVIS identifies critical container defects and helps monitor the performance of the blow molder. It can be configured to inspect critical regions of a container including base, sidewall, and inside finish, along with external finish dimension measurement. Unit is said to perform 100% in-line inspection at speeds from 150 to 300 containers/min (depending on configuration).

Existing Products On Display Also on display will be the BVIS Blowmolder Vision Inspection System (May/June '98 PA, p 28), which is designed to inspect plastic containers while they are inside a two-stage blow molding system at speeds up to 32,000 containers per hour. The BVIS can be configured to monitor one or all of the operator designated criteria. Circle 206

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