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Battenfeld extends its two-platen range

April 1, 2005

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Battenfeld extends its two-platen range

At the KMO exhibition in Germany in mid-March, processing machinery maker Battenfeld displayed a new addition to its established HM series of molding machines. The new unit , called HM 550/4500 B4, offers 550-tonne clamp force, the smallest so far in the range, which runs to 4000 tonnes. Retractable tiebars give it the easy access molders using the larger HM models are accustomed to. Full tiebar retraction also makes for easy robot access from top or side. The model at KMO ran with a Unirob R20 S linear robot.

The two-platen design and ability to retract all four tiebars eases mold insertion from the side. This can be a big advantage for molders housed in buildings with low ceilings, since the molds only need to be lifted up to the precise locking position of the centering device.

The manufacturer says it has trimmed the machine footprint by altering the design and using a shorter injection unit. Unlike many twin-platen units, access to nozzles is not hindered by clamping cylinders or pressure sensors. Battenfeld Injection Molding Technology, Meinerzhagen, Germany; +49-2354-72-0; www.sms-k.com

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