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Bayer teams up for hologram commercialization

The broad commercialization of high-quality, true-color holographic images is the aim of a joint development agreement between Bayer MaterialScience (BMS; Leverkusen, Germany) and Canadian firm Ultimate Holographic Reproductions Inc. (UHR). Bayer described UHR as leading developers of full-color hologram technology, for which BMS will supply color-sensitive photopolymers. Potential applications could come in the advertising, packaging, and entertainment sectors.

December 8, 2008

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Bayer teams up for hologram commercialization

Bayer says past attempts at mass commercialization of such holograms failed due to a lack of appropriate materials for mass production, and issues with image quality and color fidelity. Bayer says its new photopolymer film, which will launch commercially in 2010, has several advantages over existing holographic materials, including ease of processing, environmental robustness, and the ability to be exposed by laser light in one or more colors. In addition, there is no need for wet chemical or heat treatment to develop the holograms after they have been exposed.

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