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Bend me, shape meBend me, shape me

Once again, Arkema is setting the bar to new heights for polyphthalamide (PPA)- based materials, with the launch of a new "ultra-flexible" Rilsan HT grade that comes close to matching the flexibility of polyamide extrusion grades. As the most flexible grade in the PPA material class, the new material opens up new opportunities for cost-effective alternatives to metal, rubber or fluorinated polymers in tubing assemblies.

Karen Laird

February 23, 2012

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Bend me, shape me

The first flexible Rilsan HT grade marketed by Arkema boasted an 820 MPa modulus. "With the ultra-flexible Rilsan HT, Arkema's researchers have found a way to further lower the modulus down to 520 MPa, thanks to innovative material technologies and Arkema's long-standing experience in long-chain, high-performance polyamides," said Michaela Steng, Business Manager for Rilsan HT. The new ultra-flexible grade optimally combines the flexibility of long-chain aliphatic Rilsan PA11 with the high-temperature resistance of conventional PPA grades. The thermal resistance of the new grade has been improved, and it offers cold impact properties similar to those of Rilsan PA 11.

Rilsan HT is easily processed on standard equipment for all kinds of tubing technologies (smooth and corrugated tube extrusion, extrusion blowmolding), which allows for optimum design flexibility and cost-effective manufacturing. It offers a cost-effective lightweight alternative to metal or rubber tubing assemblies in many under-the-hood applications, such as blow-by, oil transport, air intake, and vacuum management.

And with up to 70% renewable carbon content, Rilsan HT can adequately satisfy the demand felt across the industry for environmentally sustainable solutions.

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