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May 1, 2000

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What's Hot! Beringer will introduce three new products: a line of in-line water ring pelletizers, a series of slide plate screen changers and a line of continuous flow wheel screen changers.

The In-Line Water Ring Pelletizer is said to replace conventional cross-head die-flow designs with a straight-through, in-line flow path design that fills the niche for low to moderate flow rates. The pelletizer is for use with a variety of thermoplastics at rates up to 750 lb/hr and temperatures up to 600 F.

The straight-through flow path is said to eliminate the 90 deg flow turn found in conventional water ring designs and allows for easy color and material changeover. A flexible blade cutter design removes the need for operator adjustment. Strand handling is also eliminated, as pellets are cut at the die face. However, there is no die hole freeze-off because water doesn't contact the die face.

Units include die plate, cutting chamber, cutter motor with shaft-mounted blade holder, slurry sluice dewatering unit, spin dryer, water tank with circulating pump and control panel. A heat exchanger and die adapter are optional.

'Gold Standard' slide plate screen changers feature a pre-load seal design that the company plans to patent. Units are available in nominal sizes of 2-1/2, 3-1/2, 4-1/2 and 6 in. Other features include melt-pressure-actuated seal mechanism that is guaranteed to be leak-free to 10,000 psi and 600 F without operator adjustment, bolt-on extruder connection, extruder pull-through without removal from the extruder and easy access for maintenance. Optional are a hydraulic power unit, support stands, hoses and customized adapters.

CFW Series continuous flow wheel screen changers mark Beringer's entry into the rotary screen changer market. These units are available in 90, 115 and 150 mm sizes. They are said to create a continuous-flow, five-position wheel unit rated to 10,000 psi operating pressure.

The continuous flow operation allows for all air to be purged before a new filter is introduced to the melt stream. The extruder screw can be removed without disconnecting the unit from the extruder and two screen changes can be completed automatically, thus reducing operator attention.

Other features include a pressure-actuated seal design, removable low pressure- drop breaker plates, microprocessor control, programmable alert conditions, machine capability to operate on timed intervals or on pressure set point and a design that accepts available round-cut filter screens.

Screens are cycled into a pre-fill position where the air is purged, then brought online to maintain continuous polymer flow. The system includes the base machine with hydraulic power unit, control panel and a set of hydraulic hoses. A wheeled support cart is optional. Circle 217

Key Contact Dan Kelly, VP ­ Tel: 781-631-6300;
Web Site: www.beringer-plastics.com 

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