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Bin level indicator paddle switch has a screw-off cover

May 1, 2003

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Bin level indicator paddle switch has a screw-off cover

NP_KTek.jpgThe KP Bin Level Indicator paddle switch measures and controls bulk solids, such as plastic pellets. The indicator is said to cost 15 percent less than comparable switches and has a screw-off cover for accessibility during installation and maintenance.

It has a low-speed (1 rpm), low-torque, synchronous motor that is always energized so that condensation doesn?t collect as the motor cools. A safety clutch protects the motor gearing by absorbing sudden shocks. When the unit senses the presence of dry material through the restricted motion of the paddle, the reversing torque actuates one or two internal single-pole double-throw switches that can control up to two operations, such as sounding an alarm or shutting off a conveyor belt or feeder. One switch can activate a built-in indicator light on the outside of the housing for visual confirmation of bin status from the plant floor.

The indicator can be vertically or horizontally mounted with an industry standard mounting plate of 304 SS, flexible shaft couplings, and shaft extensions and guards up to 25 ft (7.6m). Existing roto-paddle switches can be replaced by a variety of paddles for different product densities.

K-Tek Corp., Prairieville, LA
(225) 673-6100; www.ktekonline.com

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