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Blender series offers more component potential

October 1, 2005

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Blender series offers more component potential

An eight-component blender (BD900) provides accurate homogeneous blend quality due to the diamond design slide gate metering assembly. This manufacturer previously introduced the BD series six-component blender that can mix up to six ingredients. The BD900 differs from the six-component as it has a riser section below the material hoppers to allow for two additive feeders to dispense materials into the weigh hopper. The feeders are funneled into the weigh hopper with the other six ingredients from the standard slide gate and can process from 5-1130 kg/hr. The unit features a color Allen-Bradley touch screen controller and can store up to 50 recipes. AEC Inc., Wood Dale, IL, USA; +1 630-595-1060; www.aecinternet.com

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