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Blender uses pneumatic mixing chamber

August 23, 2008

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Blender uses pneumatic mixing chamber

Debuting at K 2001, the TSM Micrabatch blender uses valves and an air-powered mixing chamber to reportedly provide a homogenous batch. The Micrabatch?s patented Micradose dispense valves can dispense individual granules one at a time to provide batch accuracy of ±.1 percent or better. The unit?s remote operating console can be mounted more than 300 ft away, and its interface reportedly simplifies the selection and changing of recipes. The PLC control module has 16 lines of 40-character, back-lit display with text prompts. Up to 100 recipes can be stored and retrieved for product changes. The blender has no moving parts except its dump flap, and to help ease color changes, all four hoppers are removable. If situated on top of a machine, the unit is constructed so that vibrations won?t affect mixing accuracy.

TSM Control Systems Inc.
Atlanta, GA
(404) 315-9111

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