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CAD, simulation software merge

August 23, 2008

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CAD, simulation software merge

Three components of MSC.Software?s MSC.visualNastran simulation software have been developed for use with SolidWorks CAD software. As part of the newly released MSC.visualNastran Desktop 2001, the FEA, 4D, and Motion products reportedly enable SolidWorks users to run simulations prior to prototyping. Other enhancements to the 2001 release include a faster iterative FEA solver; interference and proximity detection to measure the distances between bodies; automatic rigid assembly mating for FEA, which rigidly connects an assembly and solves for FEA on the model with two menu clicks; and the ability to integrate Matlab and Simulink (from The MathWorks Inc.) into the Motion and 4D products.

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