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September 1, 2004

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Central chillers with new compressor technology

The TC Series of central chillers uses a new centrifugal compressor with an oil-free design that eliminates the need for an oil management system and any related costs. The compressor shaft is the only major moving part, giving increased reliability. Sound levels of 71 dBA mean that no special sound deadening or mechanical room modifications are needed. A built-in variable speed drive motor and frictionless, magnetic bearings help save energy by eliminating inefficient compressor cycling. The bearings require only 2 amps to levitate and start rotation of the compressor shaft. In addition, the chillers use R-134a refrigerant, include electronic expansion and condenser water regulating valves, and provide 79 points of diagnostic control per compressor.

The first TC Series unit (a 140 ton) was placed at a plant in California where it has been successfully running for the past three months. The energy savings, as compared to an existing screw-compressor chiller currently in the plant, will total $26,320 for the first year as measured by a local energy provider.

Thermal Care Inc., Niles, IL

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