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Cleanroom granulator is dust-proof

August 23, 2008

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Cleanroom granulator is dust-proof

NP_RapidGranulator_ac.gifA customer with strict environmental demands was the primary motivation behind the newest model of Rapid Granulator?s 15 Series, designed specifically for cleanroom operations. Based on the 1528 model, the new unit had to meet the ISO 14664-8 standard of less than 100,000 ppm under production conditions. The cabinet, which consists of two easily removable stainless steel sections, contains a negatively pressurized space that captures dust.

Twenty of the units are now running in line under full production conditions at a British medical manufacturer with the strict requirements. Though the original plan called for making the units easy to move out of the cleanroom for cleaning, this has proven unnecessary. The unit also features an automatic flap system for the material inlet, which is controlled by the molding machine for cycle synchronization.

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