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Control combines solid-state looks with touch-screen feelControl combines solid-state looks with touch-screen feel

August 23, 2008

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Control combines solid-state looks with touch-screen feel

Molders who use Boy machines can select a new microprocessor-based control system that combines the familiarity of Boy?s solid-state Dipronic controls with the intuitive operation of its Procan CT touch-screen system. Procan MD is available on Boy?s M Series molding machines. In fact, in an optional version, the system mimics the solid-state Dipronic controls in a touch-screen design, making the transition to the new system smoother for operators familiar with the original format. The system uses a flat-screen, back-lit LCD and allows injection molders to monitor and control process parameters, like pressure. The system stores up to 30 setup programs in EEPROM, and jobs can be monitored and analyzed for trends and quality control via process charts. This data analysis includes the mean values and their standard deviations for any two process parameters. If assigned tolerance limits are not met, trip alarms stop machine operation to halt cycles or reduce cylinder temperatures. Procan MD?s security is stringent, with keycard access requiring four levels of authorization before operation is allowed. The Procan system?s modular design also allows for connection to a disk drive, a printer, a remote PC, or a temperature control unit. Optional upgrades include a second output board, a limited-stroke ejector, automatic oil preheating, and motor and heater deactivation via timer.

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