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Davis-Standard adds new DS8000 barrel lining

November 1, 2007

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Davis-Standard adds new DS8000 barrel lining

Davis-Standard, LLC (Pawcatuck, CT) recently added to its bimetallic barrel-lining product series to support applications with highly abrasive and corrosive properties. The new DS8000 wear-resistant barrel-lining material is a nickel-based alloy with a high percentage of tungsten carbide particles suspended within its matrix, according to information supplied by the company. This corrosion and abrasion wear-resistant lining is recommended by Davis-Standard for those processes requiring highly filled or reinforced compounds, high-temperature resins, silicones, vinyl resins, polyethylenes, LLDPE, HMWPE, and blends.Davis-Standard also offers three other options within this product line including the DS1000, an iron-based barrel lining for general purpose wear environments. The DS2000 features an alloy that provides additional wear resistance able to accommodate a higher degree of filler or reinforcement in the material to be processed and a moderate degree of corrosion resistance. The DS6000 offers a nickel-based liner (like the DS8000) designed for use in corrosive wear environments when processing compounds such as those with flame retardants, fluoropolymers, and high-temperature resins.This product line is manufactured by D-S Brookes Ltd., Davis-Standard’s Extrusion Systems Europe subsidiary in the UK. Davis-Standard Extrusion Systems, Pawcatuck, CT, U.S.A.; +1 860-599-1010; www.davis-standard.com

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