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August 23, 2008

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Design software upgrade encourages flexibility

Recognizing the way the Internet is changing business, Parametric Technology Corp. (PTC) has introduced the newest version of Pro/Engineer, called 2000i2, in conjunction with its recently developed Flexible Engineering strategy. In keeping with this strategy, PTC reports it has designed the more than 440 Pro/E enhancements to increase the user?s ease in collaborating with customers and suppliers to improve product innovation and productivity.

One feature builds on the software?s Behavioral Modeler, which intelligently analyzes design constraints and generates a potential best solution. PTC calls it multiobjective design exploration; what this means to the user is that instead of getting just one solution, hundreds or thousands of virtual prototypes are created and the best candidates are identified.

But what about the time involved in generating all of these models? Consider the possibility of setting up multiple ?faceless? CPUs with the design requirements, turning off the lights for the evening, and returning the next morning with the full range of prototypes waiting for you. With the purchase of an e/Engineer data center ($6995), a noninteractive server version of Pro/E, this offline computing can shorten the iteration process dramatically.

Like other CAD programs on the market, PTC has made the graphical interface easier to use and more functional. Sketching operations require 60 percent fewer clicks with tools such as handles for scaling, translating, or rotating; drag and drop capabilities in the model tree; object action feature manipulation; and drag and snap component placement. The company also boasts more agile feature adaptation to major design changes by intelligently interpreting placement and construction intent.

Speed improvements have been made in opening and browsing existing designs and drawings with new Fast Streaming Preview capabilities. Additionally, shape-based search technology allows geometrically similar designs to be located automatically through the ModelCheck option ($1995). On the performance side, model loading and file saving reportedly occur 35 percent faster and with 45 percent smaller file size.

The 2000i2 release makes certain time-intensive functions easier, such as defining holes and threads with embedded, customizable engineering standards, and selecting and placing standard mold catalog items like ejector pins, core pins, and screws. At a price of $5995, you also get Windows 2000 certification and data exchange capability with Catia.

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