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Direct-dosed frosted effect for PET containers

Brand owners and bottle producers have been searching for many years to find a product that would emulate the appearance of frosted glass in PET for use with cosmetics, alcohol, high-end beverages, and other upscale products. Holland Colours (Richmond, IN) has created such a product that can be dosed directly on-line.

PlasticsToday Staff

January 17, 2011

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Direct-dosed frosted effect for PET containers

The company will use the Nova-Pack 2011 Conference on PET Containers for Food & Beverages as the public platform to introduce this new product line to the North American market. This event will be held January 26-27 at the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, Florida.

The Holcosperse B Matte Frost series has been developed and formulated for PET packaging applications to achieve a frosted glass look without the need for any secondary operations. The product uses a unique additive chemistry to create a translucent effect similar to frosted glass with significant gloss reductions in PET. Gloss reductions of up to 85% have been achieved. Unlike other additives in the market, Holcosperse B Matte Frost does not depend on orientation to achieve the desired frost effect. The Holcosperse B Matte Frost series complies with FDA and EU regulations for PET packaging applications.

The new dust-free, microbead product is also said to improve scuff and mar resistance, and potentially increase slip properties. It may be used on its own or incorporated into any custom colors. It may also potentially be used with additives such as UV absorbers and oxygen barriers.-[email protected]

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