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August 23, 2008

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NP_Engel_griptool1s_ac.gifEngel?s automation specialists have put together kits for building robot gripper systems quickly and easily. The Grip Tool Kits come in four sizes?XS, S, M, and L?based on standard robot sizes. Each kit contains all the necessary parts to build the gripper system: quick-change systems for the heads, aluminum profiles, sliding blocks, clamps, a variety of suction cups, and required screw fittings. Engel says ?average? mechanical skills are needed, but to make it easier, each kit also comes with an Assembly Assistant?a mobile stand that holds the part to be demolded on one side while the gripper is built to fit on the other side. Checking functions like suction and gripping can be done without putting the gripper system on a robot. Instructions are provided on a CD that also has a full catalog of Engel?s automation tools, and the company has a hotline in its automation factory, just in case.

Engel, Guelph, ON; (519) 836-0220
[email protected]; www.engelmachinery.com

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