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May 1, 2000

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Booth S-2768 (Shared with Dynisco Extrusion, Dynisco HotRunners and Dynisco Instruments)

What's Hot! The ViscoSensor is a new compact, low-cost, easy-to-install and maintain return-stream on-line rheometer that continuously measures the viscosity and/or melt index of molten polymer. It uses a unique double-walled pipe technique (patent pending) to remove and return molten polymer to the process.

* The PPA polymer pellet analyzer inspects individual pellets at rates up to 5 kg/hr to detect black specs and other particle contaminants. PPA sorts and counts contaminated pellets.

* The THELLER2000 is a new Hot Tack Heat Seal Tester that measures the strength of heat seals made in flexible packaging materials.

* The Aurex ultrasonic gage (May '99 PA, p 36) now uses an ERS (Electronically Rotating Scanner) to measures the wall thickness and other dimensional characteristics of extruded pipe or tubing. ERS technology allows Aurex to inspect 100% of the pipe or tubing to detect flaws in the wall.

* While not brand new, the LCR7002 dual-bore laboratory capillary rheometer (Jun '99 PA, p 25) will be on display for the first time at NPE. Unit performs long and short die tests in a single pass.

Existing Products On Display Dynisco has added two new features to its LMI4000 Series melt indexers. In addition to the previously available pneumatic weight raising and lowering system, a new electric weight raising and lowering system is now available. This electric system is ideal for applications requiring the use of heavy weights, but where shop air is not readily available.

LMI4000 also offers an 'auto cut-off' feature that automates the manual ASTM D1238 test method 'A.' With this feature, a solenoid-driven knife automatically cuts the extrudate as it leaves the melt indexer die at operator programmed intervals during the test. This new automated system removes the influence of the operator from test method 'A' and makes test results more repeatable.

The LMI4000 features a 32-bit microprocessor for control of material test parameters and the ability to perform self-diagnostics and digital calibrations. The instrument can be calibrated with a push-button and is available with an optional digital encoder for precise measurement of piston displacement and rate of descent. PC communications capability and the company's MIWORKS for Windows software, which acts as a melt index test database, are also available.

Cool Booth Details An interactive, multimedia presentation will be shown every half hour and gifts will be given to all who watch the video and performance. An extruder instrumented with the company's new on-line products will allow visitors to see the technology in action. New editions of the Dynisco Extrusion Processors Handbook and the Dynisco Injection Molders Handbooks will be available to all visitors to the booth. Circle 350

Booth Personnel Richard Pavero, John DeChristofaro, Lloyd Walker

Key Contact Richard Pavero, Pres. or John DeChristofaro, Sales Mgr. ­ Tel: 610-286-7555; Fax: 610-286-9396;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.dynisco.com 

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