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EDMs focus on speed, reliability

August 23, 2008

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EDMs focus on speed, reliability

Combining high-speed operations with reliability, two new submerged wire EDMs are available from Mitsubishi. The machines, the FA10 and the FA20 (pictured), are powered by the AE3-HS antielectrolysis power supply and are reportedly capable of reaching speeds of 30 sq in/hr. The wire threading system also helps increase operation speed; it offers a 10-second insert time with a standard 2-inch workpiece using .008- to .010-inch-diameter brass wire.

The 64-bit PC control is combined with a high-resolution digital a-c servo system. The control is designed with a high-speed power control aimed at preventing wire breakage during high-speed machining. Other features of the control include ESPER (easy, simple programming by expert systems) and artificial intelligence for ease of setup and technology selection.

The machine?s design features stainless steel construction on both the machine body and the fluid tank, as well as a variety of self-cleaning functions. The self-cleaning systems are designed to address normally high-maintenance areas, such as the auto threader, seal plate, and wire transfer system. They automatically remove or prevent dirt buildup, reportedly reducing downtime and accuracy problems.

The FA10 is capable of handling workpieces of up to 31.5 by 23.6 by 8.5 inches and as heavy as 1102 lb. The FA20 is capable of handling workpieces of up to 41.3 by 31.4 by 11.6 inches and as heavy as 1763 lb. This machine has twice the filtering capacity of the FA10, reportedly creating a cleaner worktank and reducing cleanup. The FA20 has a 69.6-sq-ft footprint.

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