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November 1, 2004

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Extrusion system coating reduces melt fracture

A coating for extrusion systems components addresses the need for very low-friction surfaces. K05 Melt Fracture Coating was field-tested at several film extrusion plants processing various LLDPE and HDPE resin grades. The companies were using between 500-1200 ppm of polymer processing aide (PPA) to eliminate melt fracture on high-output lines. After coating die lips with the coating, the PPA was removed from the resin blend and no melt fracture was observed. The ROI for the K05 coating is said to be from two to three weeks.

The coating reportedly reduces melt fracture and the need for polymer processing aide; allows use of a narrow die gap for high output; eliminates the need for expensive lip heaters; and reduces die buildup and scrap. The coating is extremely hard and durable, which protects against wear; it is said to offer better corrosion protection than chrome; and no post-plating grinding is required. It has very low coefficient of friction, and excellent lubricity and release characteristics. The K05 coating can be applied to existing dies. In addition to blown film, the coating can be used in tubing and sheeting applications where melt fracture limits line performance.

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