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Fast side-entry scara robotFast side-entry scara robot

August 23, 2008

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Fast side-entry scara robot

For seekers of innovative new technology at the recent Fakuma 2006 show in Germany, the edge of Wittmann?s (Torrington, CT) stand offered a real treat. The company?s new W7x5 side-entry robot, which was running there, is unlike any other SE robot we?ve seen. It uses Scara kinematics, joining the rotational horizontal axes with a parallel EOAT motion to reach removal times of .2 second for 300-mm strokes. The company says it simplifies programming entry for short-cycle parts like mobile phone components and packaging, and takes notably less floor space than other side-entry robots.

A 300-mm linear kick-stroke and a reach of 890 mm on the rotational horizontal axis are standard. A pneumatic vertical stroke up to 100 mm allows part placement below the machine centerline. The wrist flip, which comes from Wittmann?s beam robot family, puts parts flatly onto a conveyor or into a tray. The company?s proven CNC6.2 controls are standard and the TouchScreen R7 control is optional. Wittmann says the cost is also less than standard SE robots.?RN

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