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Features added to process management system

August 23, 2008

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Features added to process management system

Three main features have been added to the Source-CIM factory operating system, focusing on increasing process knowledge and improving the ability of users to enhance throughput and plant manufacturing profits. The first feature, Dynamic Scheduler (pictured), basically uses color coding to tell molders if the job will be complete on time. It provides part-by-part updating, graphical tracking,

efficiency display by color change, and completion forecasting for each job scheduled or queued to a production line. Drag-and-drop graphical scheduling of all jobs from all locations to all destinations optimizes the use of ?what if? scenarios. Secondly, the new Family Molding feature can track up to four parts individually. Combined with the Microsoft Access database, this feature delivers important tracking and reporting capabilities to the user. This program?s automated part tracking seamlessly updates all parts reports, production reports, and efficiency reports.

Finally, the Multiuser Suite terminal program opens up usability beyond one or two terminals or a central computer. Through simultaneous user licenses, this feature permits the use of all Source features at any terminal connected on the office network. Multi-level password security, as well as ?timeout? security are included. The system costs $15,000. Multi-user licenses start at $4800 for a three pack and are also available in five- or 10-user licenses.

A new module for the Source-CIM, Maintenance Wizard, is also now available. It is an advanced warning system that alerts anyone on the Source CIM network of deteriorating conditions in the molding process that may lead to bad parts. It also analyzes the capabilities, processes, and machines connected to the network. The module costs $7000.

In a separate development, upgrades have been made to the Smart Box 1000 machine terminal, including color Touchmate-II technology, additional overlapping intracycle curve display, average fill pressure and transfer pressure, and more.

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